06/02/2018 at 10:00AM

Chinese Funerary Vessels

$200 non-members / $180 members

Completed 06/02/2018

Chinese Funerary Vessels


Visiting Artist Aldo Moroni presents a tour of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts followed by a workshop creating funerary vessels at Potekglass in NE Minneapolis.


Students will visit the Chinese and South Asian Art Galleries to tour the Mia's collection of Chinese Funerary Vessels. After a lunch of appropriate Chinese food, students will return to the Potekglass studio in NE Minneapolis to create funerary vessels of their own.


About Aldo:

I am a city dweller and so my work is always about architecture, history and urban issues. I am a story teller. I understand urban iconography. Now I am most interested in creating a new social art. An inclusive art that allows the audience to participate in the process.
I have always been a process artist as it relates to performance and post conceptual work. The element of performance is a very important part of my ideology. Permanence and material choice are not a key issues for me. I am interested in the living dialog that my work may create. I am interested in the ways art can enhance our socio- political interactions.


06/02/2018 at 10:00AM


2205 California St. NE
Studio #612
Minneapolis, MN, 55418